ScrapIt Pro X & EZNote X (Shareware)

Two programs whose names strongly hint at their functions, which I’ve used since the days of OS7,8,9—and which have kept pace with the Mac up to OS 10.5, are ScrapIt Pro X and EZNote X by John V. Holder.

I have found both to be deceptively simple in their interface, but extraordinarily deep in their function, and virtually limitless in their capacity. I’m a retired journalist, former rural newspaper owner/publisher/editor, with some additional years in corporate magazine editing & press relations work. Software such as these two applications are a large part of what continues to make the Mac such a powerful research and writing tool.

Used in conjunction with Scrivener, these two apps create a bottomless repository of research notes, clippings, graphics, web notes, etc.

For those on a budget, or just curious to try, the apps are NOT crippled or limited. Download them, try them, and when your conscience begins to “twinge” a bit, send Mr. Holder his $25 shareware fee (same price for each).

I’ve always been amazed at the quality shareware for the Mac that we seldom hear about, until some kind soul passes on a word-of-mouth recommendation. I strongly recommend these two.


Thanks John :laughing:

Nope. Not John. Check for him.

I’m too old and burned out for todays cynicism; and have too much of my own left over from years in journalism.


Sorry, natural reaction to a first time poster plugging something.
But it was meant to be light hearted :slight_smile:



Welcome to the site and thanks for the tip. I use DevonNote for storing my scraps and notes before creating larger project files in DevonThink Pro. But the shareware you’ve found looks equally effective.

I also enjoyed your site. I have visited friends on Whidbey Island and agree that it’s a lovely, peaceful place to live and think. Your web site is full of good writing on important topics. You sound far from burned out or, for that matter, old. It’s a relative condition.

Good wishes,

I’d just like to add:

I skim-read your first post, and wouldn’t have made the comment if I read your post fully, as you were clearly providing a genuine recommendation for genuine reasons. So sorry, my post was completely out of line.

In my defence, it was 12:20am, I suddenly woke up remembering I had a bill I hadn’t paid, and when I logged in to pay it, I found my net banking was down for routine maintenance… so I was grumpy and had blurred vision.

So anyway, I hope my comment hasn’t put you off, and you stick around these forums. I’m sure you’ll have more to contribute than I will.

Actually, I was chastising myself for “gushing on” about the software, after I read the “Thanks, John” line … but then it immediately occurred to me that perhaps many folk would think, “Yes, this is an obvious spam bit,” so I hastened to add the personal weblink to clear the confusion. I added the “old & cynical” bit as a touch of pique, I s’pose.

Matt, your gracious remarks are appreciated, and no offense was taken.

I’ve found this Scrivener forum to be invaluable for its content, and the folks here exceptionally well-mannered. This seems a nice place to nest.

Gray[byrd] :wink:

Give us time. The other bird, the tri-ped dog and the one who can’t spell his own name may cause you to change your mind. The others here, like that big-headed-bob-guy, AmberV, and even that Matt character work hard to overcome the drivel that three listed above pollute the forum with.

As a fair warning, KB lurks and may relocate a thread if it is the wrong area. Luckily his wonderful software leaves things where you put them.

Oh, and welcome aboard.