Scrapple color connections

I haven’t been using Scrapple very long, so forgive me if this feature exists and I can’t find it. I have searched online and found nothing and even was surprised that I couldn’t find this wish already.

I have a fairly complex double intrigue type story with a lot of connections between people and places. It’s hard, even with the help of Scrapple to keep them all straight. It would really help if in addition to dotted lines and arrows if I could color these. For instance a love connection is red arrow, but a false love would be red dotted, a friendship could be yellow, one person betraying another would be black, etc.

I think this would be a great way to find connections with one quick glance.

ScRapple…? :open_mouth:

Yes, I suspect a lot of people are familiar with the game called Scrabble, and insert a letter that isn’t there.

From Wikipedia!



Well, I suppose you could say that some of my mind maps are like that …


Excuse me for asking, but… if you, being the author and inventor of the story, can’t keep track of the intrigue and all the connections, how do you expect a reader to be able to do it while reading? Or are you planning to provide the reader with a Scapple map of all the connections?

One might presume that during the process of writing, when such connections can be in flux, it is much harder to keep track of them to make sure they are properly recorded, than it is to read the result where such connections have been set in stone. The former is keeping track of possible vs. actual, the latter is simply noting which connections have been revealed, No?

Not what you want (nice idea, by the way), but do line labels at least go someway to helping you do what you want?

Slàinte mhòr.