Scrapple Integration

I know there is integration between scrapple and scrivener. upon import it currently places each idea into a new scrivening.
However, would it be possible to consider the ability to bring all selected ideas into just one scrivening. That is, if I have 3 idea linked and I have them all highlighted ready to drag & drop them into Scrivener, I would like to be able to press the Option key (or similar) and they all go into one document in scrivener, but as separate paragraphs.
Please email me if this needs further explanation. I’m not sure I have used all the right terms.
Best regards

If I understand correctly, you can already do this by creating a new document in Scrivener (or selecting one that you want to add to) and then using Copy and Paste from Scapple into Scrivener’s text editor to add the text of the selected notes, with each note as its own paragraph.

Alternatively, you could drag the notes from Scapple into Scrivener’s binder as you currently do, then while they’re still selected in the binder use Documents > Merge (Shift-Cmd-M) to combine them into a single document. In the General pane of Scrivener > Preferences you can determine how the text of each of the original documents is separated when the documents are combined, but I believe the default is an empty line.

Not exactly the same wish that pfadden.

Scrivener and scapple are very good software. That 'd be nice if scapple would be more integrated. Make scapple works in scrivener would be a lot of work.

Why not integrate it like an external window. A button in the toolbar, when you click it a scapple document will be created, opened and automatically associated with the text document.
If you restart scrivener and return to the text document and click the button it reopen the scapple document .
It would avoid having to open scapple, create a file and create a link in scrivener to this file or insert every new scapple document in the binder.

Every text file will have (if you want) easily a scapple document.

You can already do something very similar. Create a new board in Scapple and save it, then import that into your Scrivener project’s document templates folder. (If you don’t already have a template folder in the project, you can create a new folder anywhere outside the Draft and then choose Project > Set Selection as Templates Folder; its icon will change to a “T” in a blue square.) Items in the templates folder can be easily duplicated in the project by choosing it from Project > New From Template, so you can make copies of this blank Scapple map in your other folders (not in the Draft, since it can only contain text files, but anywhere else). The copies are then unique, so you can give them a new name, open them via the link in the editor, and edit them in Scapple. Changes are saved back into the document in the project.

Thank you very much. I see you are very familiar with you software. You find an alternative quickly. Bravo!

I tried this solution. I will use that. But I think the binder will be filled quickly because I use Scapple often. I think you solved the first part of the problem (create a scapple document easily) but not the second (link with the text document and open). 2 clicks are necessary and quit the current document in order to open scapple via the link in the editor.
It will be great if I can click on a link (or button) and the scrivener document text will be still open and the scapple would open to.
I imagine to work with dual screen will be great.

I don’t know if I’m clear.

Again sorry I’m french. My word are maybe not right. It’s just a suggestion.
Maybe I’m the only one who want that.

There are two features that could help with this. Document references in the inspector will let you drag and drop files from the binder (or outside of the project) to create a list of links. Double-clicking the reference link’s icon will open in the split editor. If you’ve dragged a binder Scapple file to the references of Document A, you could have Document A open in the editor and click the linked Scapple file from References to load it in the second editor, where you can click the link to open it in Scapple. Document A stays visible in the first editor.

You can also hold the Alt key while dragging an item from the binder into a document’s text in the editor to create a link to the item. In that case the link text will become part of the document, included in compile and such, so I don’t know if that’s quite what you’re after. You could always put it inside an inline annotation and strip the notations as a way around it if you do want the links immediately in the editor. The default behaviour for these internal links is to open the linked document in the second editor, so your first document remains open while you’re accessing the Scapple document just like with references. You can control this behaviour in Tools > Options in the Navigation settings.

Thank you for taking the time to find a solution.

I like the solution using document references you don’t have to make a link in the document being worked on. I write screenplay and I don’t want a link in a scene for example and it does not fulfill the binder.

The goal is to write as you would on paper without too much distraction or file to manipulate. Unfortunately even if I make a template of the scapple file I am still forced to drag and click 2 times to open the scapple document.
I’m not lazy but if I create a scapple document for many scrivener documents, it can be long.
If I create a model that already has a link or document reference, link or reference is not updated and return to the original file.

If to integrate scapple with a special button is not possible:
Is it not possible to open a file from a different program without using the link in the editor?
Maybe direct open the link in the binder. I don’t see the shortcut for that if it exist.
It’s not the better solution but it can help.

One thing not so important that I have seen.
When you duplicate a new document, the name of the copy is “document copy” in English. In French the name of the new document is “document copier”. It should be “document copie” (not “copier”).


Ctrl+F5 (Documents > Open > Open in External Editor) will open the selected binder item in the default external editor. This is available from the context menu as well.

I’ve made a note about the translation error. The behaviour in general should be adjusted, however, to use incremental numbering (“document-1”, “document-2”, etc.) rather than continually appending “copy”, so fixing that will take care of the translation problem, too. :slight_smile:

Ok I did not know for the “incremental numbering”. It’s cool.

Ctrl+F5 is not the most ergonomic for me but I think I will use it. I will create a template of a scapple document and open from binder or references.

Is there an option for “non-recognized files” open automatically in external editor?
I don’t use shortcuts except perhaps for cut-copy-paste… It’s a shame for a writer…

Scrivener can read pdf, jpeg, rtf… But you can’t do the impossible. Every user use different software. Personally I use libre office (calc and writer), adobe (photoshop, premiere and after effect) and of course scapple and aeon timeline (in trial mode for now).

I like to have all my documents in the same place. But the “2 clicks obligation” exasperates me. Click on an icon for click on a link to open a external file…

I think I’ll be forced to learn Ctrl+f5.

I used scrivener to write 2 short films. I did pre-production, production of these films with scrivener and I’m now in the post production. I know it’s not the scrivener’s goal to do that but your software is very powerful. Again bravo!

I work on bigger projects and I will use scrivener for months. I promise to use the search function in the forum or the user’s manual but I would have other questions.

There’s no option for opening binder files automatically in the external editor. That could cause a lot of havoc and lag just trying to click around through the binder making selections, searching for items, etc., so I don’t think it would be the best option for addressing this.

For now, you can at least change the keyboard shortcut if you like. In the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options, filter by “external” and it should pop up so you can set the shortcut to something easier.