Scrapple (Windows) and Google FileStream

Can Scrapple be safely used with FileStream? I’ve been using SimpleMind Pro for years, and would house the save file on my G: drive using FileStream. I’ve experienced several corrupted files (thank goodness for saving multiple versions). I’m considering a switch to Scrapple, but I would like a firm answer on whether or not my saves will be safe,

Thank you!

I should think so. Scapple has a very simple file format, in fact if you open up a .scap file in Notepad or another plain-text editor, you’ll see it is just a simple XML file, no more complicated than an HTML file or something. You should be fine using that with any kind of sync technology.

It’s always worth a period of testing though, especially if the service has wronged you in the past! The one thing it does differently from a program like Notepad is that it auto-saves frequently, whereas Notepad just touches the disk once to load it, and then never again unless you save.