Scratch Pad 2 - Tweaks towards perfection

First off, how about a huge round of applause for Scrivener 2. The more I dig into it, the more amazing it becomes. The visual changes don’t scream new, but the more you peel the onion, the more depth and goodness that’s built right in. Bravo!

Today, I want to ask for a few new options in the Scratch Pad. Now that I’ve had a few hours to play with it, I can tell you what would make for some excellent options. I’ll ask knowing the limits involved are hard for me to see, so while I believe these wouldn’t be huge changes, it’s impossible for me to know.

The Scratch Pad is now available anywhere as long as Scrivener is open. Short of being a separate menu item app, this is how things are, and really, I’m ok with that. Scrivener is a daily-use application, so it’s always open anyhow. The keyboard combination opens and closes anytime, and that is wonderful. What I’d like to see is a settings section that allows for:

  • New Note on invocation
    If I press cmd-shift-return, a new note is available. This might be implemented in one of two ways. First, any time the Pad is opened, and there was text in it, a new note is started. Alternately, if you added the ability to do a cmd-S as a “save” of the note, the Pad closes and the next time it opens, a new note area is there.

  • Untitled notes are auto-named
    Whether it is the first 30, or 50 char at the next space, or the first return / top line, or whatever convention you want, the note is automatically named. I shouldn’t have to title a note; it’s just a note that will be added to something else that’s already titled.

  • Automatically append note
    Upon leaving the Pad, it should be optional to instead of save the note in a temporary folder, it either automatically adds a text to a pre-determined path in the binder. I would default this to /Research at first, but likely I’d probably then create a folder personally called “ScratchPad”, and point it there.

I fully understand that there is value in keeping Scratch Pad notes separate for users. But this would also fully remove three other applications off of my machine. I think this small change could be something that is a marketable feature that would in fact be a gain for Scrivener. For me, being able to keep notes and my technical writing within one application will be a great change and a welcome improvement in my writing workflow. I will adapt to one application upon the “full” release next week. In the meantime, I hope these are settings that can be adapted into 2.01.

Finally, two other suggestions:

=edit========this is unnecessary=================

  • Preferences navigation arrows.
    When in the preferences, going in and out of each to find what you need is a bit difficult. Very minor, but < | > would be appreciated.

  • Calling the first collection “- Binder -” is confusing with the Binder function.
    The Binder is an area of collections. The default collection being called -Binder- is truly confusing. The hyphen indicators are great for the color-blind, but I would look to change the first default collection to something like “Main” or “Portfolio” or even (gag) “Folder”. The metaphor is a binder, so while there are few limits, the first collection is more of a “Subject” (my fav choice). I don’t know that I have an answer; maybe you rename the Binder function to a “shelf” and each collection is a “binder”.

Whatever it is, the metaphor should not be recursive.

Thank you thank you thank you for this great software. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words.

I’m afraid I won’t be considering wish list items properly for a while given that I’m just at the end of the 2.0 cycle and still in the process of sorting it out for release. I think the scratch pad works well as-is, too. :slight_smile:

I think “Binder” makes perfect sense for the collection tab - because clicking on it takes you back to the binder.

Also, there are already < and > arrows at the top of the Preferences panel, so I’m not quite sure what you mean there.

Sorry I can’t respond in full at the moment, but I’m snowed under with sorting out 2.0’s release.

Thanks again!

All the best,

Clearly it’s still early for me. Yes, those arrows are there; my blind ass looked for them to the right . Duh.

I’m under no illusions that you have lots to do; my 2.01 comment is just wishful thinking.

Thanks for responding Keith, and if you happen to think of tweaking the ScratchPad, tweet me. I’ll still be here when your world settles down a bit. :mrgreen:

I’ll be seriously considering all wish list again items in a month or two. Just for the record, my priorities over the next month or two will be:

  1. Getting 2.0 out and then fixing all the bugs that are bound to keep coming in for a while.

  2. Working to get 2.0 Mac App Store ready.

So, after that’s all done in a couple of months, just give me a prod to look through your ideas properly - it’s just a bit crazy at the moment so even good ideas will end up getting missed.


Oh ya, the Mac App Store… you can book 5 * from me. :slight_smile:

In the very short term, are there keyboard shortcuts within the ScratchPad? If so, they don’t jump. All I’ve figured is cmd-shift-return or cmd-w will close the window…

If not, just any keyboard finger-pretzel for a NEW note… that would be a huge deal. I bet it exists already and I can’t find it…

Rock on, Keith.


While you’re in there, this qualifies as a bug, but I didn’t want to rewrite a thread.


1: Write a Scratch Pad note
2: Click “delete” button
3: Click Cancel

Observed: Note is deleted anyhow.


Eek, yes, that’s a bug. On the list for fixing, thanks.

There’s no specific keyboard shortcut, but if a row is selected and you hit return, a new note is created.


Ctrl-Tab and Return is pretty much good enough for me for now. Thanks for the tip, and hopefully it helps others.

Cmd-Shift-Return is getting remapped for me to Ctrl-Shift Return. Now I don’t need the mouse for quick entry! :slight_smile: