Scratch Pad and Substitutions

I use substitutions a lot to save me typing (and misspelling) standard phrases – .SOW for Statement of Work, that sort of thing.

When I use .SOW in the Scratch Pad it stays as .SOW instead of applying the substitution. There’s nothing specific in the manual so I’m wondering if there’s something I need to configure.

I’m using on Windows 7

Thanks for your help.


Substitutions only apply in the main editor at the moment. If you’re using substitutions a lot for replacing phrases and such, I’d suggest checking out dedicated software for the purpose like PhraseExpress or Breevy or something like AutoHotKey, all of which will give you much more control over the expansions and work in multiple programs. (Though, ironically, there is a conflict with PhraseExpress and Scrivener 1.7.1 when using unformatted expansions; certain uppercase letters are being stripped. We’ve got this on the list to investigate.)


Given your comments about Phase Express, I downloaded Breevy.

So . . . I can keep all my substitutions in one place on Dropbox. No more updating Scrivener and Scapple and Office AND it works with Aeon which doesn’t have substitutions AND in the subject line in Outlook!

I never thought of myself as a Luddite but how did I get so far behind the curve?

Thank you, Jennifer. (Will it work with Scrivener on the iPad? Just kidding :smiley: )