Scratch Pad App

I love the scratch pad but never use it since I work equally between my mac and iOS devices. I currently take notes in iaWriter or Bear, and then transfer those notes to Scrivener projects. I’d love to not have my thoughts spread out across so many apps, and I have a thought as to how to fix it.

The ideal solution to this, for me, would be a standalone “Scrivener Scratch Pad” app that is cross platform between macOS, iOS, and watchOS. Just a tiny notetaking app that synchs with Scrivener, allowing notes to be tagged/linked to specific projects. If Scrivener had a “Scratch Pad” app that took dictation, and then at the end of the note you could choose which project to sync it to, I’d pay for it separately.

I use Bear to take notes on my Apple Watch on the go (voice dictating a story idea that pops into my head during bike rides is ESSENTIAL to my workflow now), and then process those notes when I’m at my iPhone, iPad, or Mac and put them into my Scrivener projects. The ability to take a note on the Apple Watch would be perfect for me, but even if it was just an iOS app, it would be incredibly helpful. It’d save the time of opening Scrivener, synching the projects, opening the project, opening/making a “notes” sheet, and then jotting down the note. By the time I’ve done those steps, the note itself is gone from my mind.

I was just thinking about this today. An iOS app would be great or, at the very least, adding Scrivener to the Apple Notes and Safari share sheets (and others). On the Mac, I’d love to see the Scratch Pad as a menubar item that I open and close as needed.

My solution to this is to use nvALT on the Mac ( … appleWatch).

As noted above, the Scratch Pad is already a file-based program that simply uses a designated folder as a source location for its notes. Hence if that folder is synced, and you have other tools that can connect to that folder, edit its contents and add new notes, then you have everything you need here.

On the mobile side you can choose from dozens of different editors. If having notes on your watch is important then that can inform which editor you choose (or you can even use multiple tools if one has a better watch interface but you like another for its features when you’re setting with an iPad set up with a keyboard). For me I just want Markdown on the go, so Editorial is fine.