scratch pad behavior

I just found the Scratch Pad. Nice feature. A few points. (Beta 1.5.5 with XP)

  • I can’t adjust the opacity slider when the scratch pad has been resized horizontally (narrowed). Only way to get it back is to resize its window again (widen).

  • ‘Send to Project’ behavior seems switched around: ‘copy to’ creates a new child doc item under the parent doc; and ‘append to’ inserts the text into the existing doc as text. I would expect the opposite behavior copy=inserts into existing doc, and append=attaches as a new ‘appendix’ or child doc item. Perhaps ‘paste’ and ‘attach’ might be a better taxonomy. Also, adding something like ‘erase pad on send’ option would help keep the pad uncluttered and fresh for new notes. (Actually, drag & drop work fine for this last point.)

In addition to the above ‘send to project’ suggestions, I would like to suggest the following (please forward to the ‘suggestions’ or ‘feedback’ guys):

  • A button for the pad on the main toolbar rather than hiding it under a menu.

  • Make it dockable, either when the main Scrivener window is minimized/resized (beside or inside the main window) or maximized (inside the main window).

  • Available in full-screen mode.

  • Add an outline control (like the binder/keywords) to tag/organize pad notes for later insertion into the main project. (I changed my mind about this… too complicated. Instead I’ve set up a separate folder hierarchy in the binder for drag & drop (copy & paste) individual pad notes as I create them.)

These points are still an issue in beta 1.6.

It may be me, but the Scratch Pad opacity slider seems to reverse polarity after you start to move it. (In other words, the left and right sides seem to toggle meaning (transparent vs. opaque)).

Loving Scrivener for Windows… I’ve used the Mac version for years, and am glad to have a version that I can use at work. (Also looking forward to buying Scrivener for Mac again in the Mac App Store, even though I’m eligible for an upgrade. I’m trying to use the MAS exclusively as much as possible.)

Scrivener 1.6