Scratch Pad does not working

The Scratch Pad does not work for me, I cannot see the names of the notes that I create and I cannot write on it, The aspect that it gives me is the following:
[attachment=1]Captura de Pantalla 2020-11-04 a la(s) 10.29.49 a. m…png[/attachment]

I can change the background color, but I can’t do anything else. The funny thing is that I can see all the notes created in the corresponding folder, but I can’t edit them.

[attachment=0]Captura de Pantalla 2020-11-04 a la(s) 10.52.29 a. m…png[/attachment]

Does anyone know what could be happening?

Have you checked in preferences that the setting for the Scratchpad is pointing to the correcr folder, where you see your notes?

The folder was on the desktop, and it was fine in the preferences. I tried deleting it and creating a new directory and Voilá It works! So thanks for de clever question.