Scratch Pad/floating

How do I turn off Float so that when I’m working in Scrivener it doesn’t stay up front (see through)? I’ve clicked on the Float button which made it stay up front now it won’t click off.

I assume you are talking about the scratchpad window, since floating a main project window (Window/Float Window) does not cause it to become transparent. There might be a bug between that menu option and the little button. If there is, I can’t trigger it into the state you are seeing. But try seeing if disabling float from the menu works for you.

I quit the scratch pad then brought it back up. It still floats on top regardless of clicking on the float button on/off. I assume if I click it off, the scratch pad will stay on the screen it will just not float on top of stuff. That is not happening for me.


Also, when I hit Float Window it stays up front but does not float ie; I can’t see through it. Shouldn’t I be able to see through Scrivener when I choose Float Window? I’m wondering if there is a bug regarding my Float? Unless this is how it is supposed to work?

The transparent feature only relates to the scratchpad. When a main Scrivener project window is set to float, it is meant to stay fully visible and on top of everything else. That is the “technical” definition of a floating window. The transparency thing is not generally considered to be a part of that technical definition.

Got it.

So the only issue now is how to get Scratch Pad not to be transparent.

This happens even if you restart Scrivener? For me, that setting doesn’t seem to get saved between sessions.

after quitting and then restarting scrivener, the float transparent stay on while in scratch pad. i can get it to be non transparent but not get it so it goes behind the main scrivener screen.

Okay, wait. I think what you might be describing here is just ordinary behaviour. I thought you meant it was floating on top of the entire OS no matter what. The scratch pad will always be the top level within Scrivener. The toggle only sets up whether or not it is visible even when Scrivener is not currently active.

Okay. So it is working properly. Scratch Pad always on top. Toggle makes it transparent or not. If not it will remain on OS screen even when Scrivener is miniaturized or another screen is open on top of Scrivener.
Thanks, A.