Scratch Pad Font Size

Is there some setting among preferences with which to control font size of the Scratch Pad window? I’m afraid that on my laptop I find it quite hard to read and edit the text as I write it. I’d find tons of uses for the program were I able to enlarge fonts a bit. Thanks so much for any suggestions. MacBook Pro user who may be failing to think of something simple I could do on my end;-)


The Scratch Pad just uses the same default font that the Inspector sidebar notes do. You’ll find the setting for that in the Formatting preferences pane, just below “Writing direction”. This establishes the default, so existing notes will still be small, but it should make new scratch pad documents use the new, larger font.

Just in case this wasn’t clear, you can change the font size of existing notes by selecting the text and using the Cmd+ and Cmd- shortcuts (Format > Font > Bigger/Smaller).

Thanks a million for the quick response. Much appreciate it… and will give it a try.

Sorry. Afraid that I can’t get this to work. I opened a Scrivener file, went to Preferences/Formatting and reset “notes font” – immediately below “Writing direction” to 18. I also reset the inspector comment font to 18 just in case;-). I closed everything out, restarted an established file and could see that the preferences had been saved. I deleted all established scratch pad items. I created a new Srivener file thinking that might trigger the new preferences, but that seems not to have produced any difference in font size displayed in the input window. I might well be missing something pretty elementary. Care and appreciation…Steve

The only thing I can think of that would make this not work is with existing scratch pad notes, since the preference only impacts new ones (and you can fix old ones with the basic font tool by selecting the text of them and hitting Cmd-T. There is nothing special here, these are just RTF files. It also has nothing to do with the Scrivener project, so you needn’t be creating new projects to test this (hopefully that saves you some time). The scratch pad uses its own independent files and indeed you can even use the scratch pad when no projects are open. It saves files into your Documents folder by default (unless you use the MAS version, then they are hidden from you).