Scratch Pad font

A couple of thoughts about using scratch pad, which I have found useful, particularly for jotting down thoughts on the fly when working full screen. However, ‘on the fly’ is the key part of that, and the way it works at the moment is counter to that.

1 - I can’t find any way of changing Scratch Pad’s default font. That means that if I Append or Copy its text to a folder, it inserts it in ‘MS Shell Dlg 2’. That’s not the font I use in all my other default settings, and means that every time I copy /append a Scratch note to a folder I have to select the text and change it to my preferred font.

2 - In both Copy and Append options, the original text remains in the Scratch pad. If I have another thought to ‘Scratch’ down, I must first separately select it with the mouse, which slows things down and makes it more of an interruption. I intuitively expected Copy to behave like that, but I expected Append to clear the Scratch Pad.