Scratch pad freezes when in Float mode

(Sorry, don’t have very good details on this one…)

Scratch pad is prone to “freezing” (mouse pointer turns to a writing cursor over entire pad, buttons don’t work, typing isn’t possible) when using other programs than Scrivener - for example, when running Safari and having the Scratch Pad open for notes. The menu Window>Hide scratch pad works, though.

This typically happens when the Scrivener has been open for a long time. The bug is not fatal - the scratch pad becomes accessible again when I quit and restart Scrivener - but it’s somewhat annoying. Otherwise, thanks for a wonderful product :slight_smile:.

The computer is a 12" G4 PowerBook with Tiger.

Very strange. Is there anything in particular I need to do to reproduce this? The scratch pad is a very simple window there shouldn’t really be anything there that would do this - especially if Scrivener is still responsive. If there’s anything I can do to reproduce, that would be really helpful.

Sorry - the problem does occur regularly enough but I haven’t managed to duplicate it on purpose.

Two possible precursors include either having Scrivener running for a long period (I typically use it as a note-taking tool so it’s open pretty much all the time) and/or putting the computer to sleep and waking up again. I’ll try to make notes the next time it happens!

Thanks - likewise if anyone else notices if this happens and can just jot down what was happening previously here, that would help to isolate it.