Scratch-pad gone

Just when I found how handy the scratch pad is, it disappeared.
Has anyone encountered this problem? Is there a way to fix it? Is it a bug? Or am I just plain dumb?
This is what happened:
I made my last note on the scratch pad for the next day and sent my macBook to sleep. Everything was fine, no irregularity.
I opened it later that evening to do something in another application, found the scratch-pad floating centerscreen annoying and clicked on the arrow to move it to the corner of the screen. The scratch-pad did not react to this nor to trying to drag it elsewhere or simply closing it. I finally got rid of it by going to Scrivener and selecting Hide Scratch Pad.
Since then my scratch pad is gone or invisible which has the same result for me. Trying to activate the scratchpad by selecting Show Scratch Pad from the Window menu or control-clicking on the Srivener Icon in the dock just renders the main window inactive without a sign of the scratch pad appearing. Command-/ just causes the inspector to change the notes-window to bookmark. Very weird. Restarting Scrivener doesn’t help. Restarting my computer doesn’t help either. Will I have to do without the scratch pad for the rest of my scrivening life? Anyone who can help.
CU on the range

It sounds like your preferences might have corrupted. Open up Preferences in Scrivener, and use the “Manage…” drop-down to save your settings somewhere handy. Then close Scrivener and delete ‘com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist’ from your Library/Preferences folder. Then open up Scrivener again, load Preferences, and use the Manage drop-down to load your settings from the file you just created.

Thanks, AmberV.
I followed your advice. Works splendid. Seems like you got the right idea. Thanks again.