Scratch Pad Icon?

At some point, could we have the option to add an icon for the scratch pad to the customizable tool bar? Thanks!

Love the new beta, btw. I had weird stunted spacing issues between words when using cut & paste to move text around in the other versions & it’s gone now. Yea! Scrivener is truly the coolest app around. (And I voted accordingly at MacWorld. :slight_smile:


did you know the keyboard shortcut for showing or hiding the scratchpad is just Cmnd /

for clarity that’s: Apple key > slash key

for my money that beats a button on the toolbar.


Also, why not use mouse gestures. I have Scrivener set up so a quick mouse movement to the right brings up Scratch Pad, An upward movement takes me to full screen, down imports and left changes my layout. Besides that I have other gestures to run through document history in full screen; lots of things really. I pretty much have everything on my computer simplified or automated using a mixture of gestures and scripting. :slight_smile:

If someone comes up with a cool scratchpad icon I’ll add it straight away. Otherwise, I’ll add it when I get around to making an icon (I hate making icons :slight_smile: ).

Something simple pehaps?
Scratch Pad Idea.jpg

Thanks, Keith!

And thanks for the shortcut tip, guys. I know that option’s there but I’ve used a Logitech thumb trackball for so many bks now, it’s instinctive to reach for it & often quicker. :slight_smile:

–Candace, who likes the yellow icon