Scratch pad in scrivener iOS..

Would it be possible to implement the scratchpad in iOS?

I’m currently using a seperate project (called scratchpad) to dump all my thoughts and random stuff that pops into my head… It would be nice to have similar functionally as the desktop version where there is an area, shared amongst all projects where you can put, and access that stuff… Something akin to having the scratch pad location from OS X/Windows stored in the dropbox folder for scrivener?

Although obviously as its not in there… There may well be a very valid technical reason it’s not in there… But it would be nice to have that shared space between all projects regardless which one you have open…

The Mac Scratch pad is just a bunch of rtf files in a specific folder. Each note is its own file. So if you put the Scratch pad folder on Dropbox (outside the Scriv project folder) you can access it using the Dropbox folder to look at the content and then copy the text to where you want it. To enter text in the Scratch pad on an iDevice, you can use the Drafts 4 app, and one of its URL actions.

I use SimpleNote at the moment for my ‘scratch pad’ so its not dissimilar i guess to what you’re proposing… but just hoped there might be a chance to do something more integrated that picked up the desktop’s scratchpad as well…

My solution uses the desktop Scratch pad, only not within iOS Scrivener.