Scratch Pad keyboard shortcut problem

Dear All,

I’ve recently had an issue with bringing up the Scratch Pad outside of Scrivener. When Scriv is running, the shortcut shift-command-enter works fine to bring up the window; but if, say, I’m reading a website in Safari and want to jot a note, the shortcut does not work. I’ve checked the Keyboard System Preferences and I have the shortcut listed under All Applications and also under

This only happened within the past week, and I have not changed any of my settings. Could this be an issue with the latest macOS software update?

Thanks everyone,

You mentioned not having changed settings, I would try exactly that. Go into the General preference pane in Scrivener and assign a different global shortcut, test it, and if that works go back and assign the one you prefer. Maybe the Mac just lost track of things and that will re-establish the connection.

Thanks, Amber!