scratch pad not saving upon exit[BUG LOGGED]

I don’t know if this is a bug. I’m using Windows XP.

I thought I would try out the scratch pad since I wanted to move some text to another folder but not until after editing the text.

I had the desired text placed in the scratch pad. I closed the scratch pad and opened it again and the text was still there.

At this point, Scrivener crashed. When I opened Scrivener again, the scratch pad was empty. The text was gone.

My scratch pad is saving but having some unusual behavior while using it. Type a line, hit return and cursor appears on line before the line I just typed. It’s not a big prob, just annoying and somewhat confusing. I’m using win 7 on an acer aspire 5517. Otherwise, program works great for me.

Update: saving on scratch pad worked for a couple of days and then stopped saving. bummer.

Also with regard to the scratch pad, although a relatively minor issue; it actually stays in front of any other program I open, albeit less opaque. So, even posting here on the boards, I can see and click on the scratch pad if it’s “behind” the browser.

I can confirm this behaviour.

Not a bug. The Mac Scratch Pad has always worked like that. It keeps the scratch pad from getting buried just when you’re trying to copy something from another program into it.