Scratch pad not saving?

Is the scratch pad not supposed to save material after shutting the program down? If I put things in the scratch pad, save, then close the program, when I open the same project again, the material in the scratch pad is gone.

I don’t have a lot of experience with the Scratch Pad. I actually hadn’t opened it at all until I read this post. So I opened up my main project, opened the Scratch Pad, wrote a few words in it, and then closed Scrivener. I restarted Scrivener, opened the scratch pad and… my text was still there.

So yeah. I’m not sure why yours isn’t saving. I do have a minor peeve with the Scratch Pad: when I switch to another program with the Scratch Pad open in Scrivener the Pad stays but in a slightly faded way. I can understand keeping it there inside Scrivener itself, but now I’m typing in the browser it kinda bugs me.

But that’s one of the main reasons why the Scratch Pad exists … There you are, working away at the daily grind, using Excel or whatever, and suddenly … wham … the idea to crown all ideas, resolving all the issues in your current version of the Great American Novel comes to your mind and sends shivers down your spine! But all is not lost … click on the Scratch Pad, write it down before it fades … and then when the day has been finely ground you can transfer your idea into your Scrivener project at the click of a button!



PS … and you can also record on it passing thoughts of relevance to that daily grind if you want to!

You misunderstand, I understand the purpose. And I can close it if I don’t want it there. I would be fine if it stayed completely on top. I keep windows on top all the time, but the “ghosted” version of it instead of just having the window there is strange. This could be a Mac behavior vs Windows behavior thing.

Sorry, I did misunderstand … yes perhaps it is a Windows vs Mac kind of thing.



Hrm, nope. Not saving for me in either linux or windows. For what it’s worth I’m running the windows version with windows XP as default.

I am fairly sure you are running 1.3 correct?

Yep to both.

That’s a big me too-- and I’m using W7 on a laptop, beta 1.5.

I think the scratchpad is a great idea, but the text I enter on it evaporates when I reboot. Not sure about just shutting it down. Just a second… nope. Lost my text when I only shut Scrivener down and restarted.

Maybe it is only a personality quirk with the individual machine/operating system?

I’d never used the scratch pad, so I had to check it out… and it doesn’t save anything for me either, unless I add it to a file before I close Scrivener. Otherwise, the text is all gone.

Having an option to make it not stay on top would be nice, as would having the ability to set the transparency. Also I have to move it partially off-screen as I can’t make it narrower than about 4 inches.

All minor quibbles, of course. My mind boggles at the work Lee is putting into this… much thanks to all the Scrivener team.