Scratch Pad Notes with labels


I wish to add labels and dates of change to my scratch pad notes. So they could be sorted by them. At the moment I am using Nvalt for this ( but to many programms are messing things up. Is there a chance for labels in sratch pad?

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No, sorry. The scratch pad is intended to be bare bones only, so doing this in Nvalt if that’s what you need seems a good solution.

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A possible solution might be to use a typing-macro program
and create a keystroke to put in the current date/hour.
Do that at the start of each note, and you’d have a chronology.
(The one I use is Typinator.)

hmm ok, thanx for your replies! Fortunately nvalt and scratch pad support the same types of documents - so it is possible to switch between them while they are sharing the same directory :smiley: .