Scratch pad on 1.0.3

I’ve just installed v1.0.3 and I notice that the Scratch Pad has changed…
It no longer fades to transparancy when you do something else - it disappears entirely. Which means that to get it back, I have to go to the Tools menu to turn it off and then turn it back on again if I want to bring it to the foreground.

installed over 1.0.2 via “Check for updates”
Windows XP SP3
Not installed as admin

Could this be an XP thing? I am not getting this.

I am on Win 7 & also on 1.0.3 (via check for updates route) installed as admin.

If I call up the scratch pad & click out of it onto the editor, the scratch pad turns transparent. If I swipe the cursor back over the scratch pad, it reasserts itself.

Works for me and I’m on XP SP3 with Scrivener 1.0.3.
I do have to click on the faded area to bring it back, not just wave the mouse pointer over it.

Nice that it saves text from session to session.

Be nicer if I could put it on the toolbar.


OK… on further investigation it works fine on my laptop. The problem occurred when I was using an external monitor (actually a TV being used as a lovely 42" monitor - lot’s of corkboard space!). I’ll try it again on a ‘normal’ external monitor on Monday and feedback.