Scratch Pad Options?

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but I was playing around with the Scratch Pad today and was wondering if there were any configurable options for it? Like the ability to change font, text size, scratchpad background color, the opacity of the window, etc?

I see in the manual there’s a vague mention of changing the Scratchpad background color in the Appendices but I couldn’t find the option in the Options panels.

Am I just not seeing it or are they not implemented yet?

Hi Spitfire,

I’m just finding my way around the scratch pad too. You can change the colour of the contents panel of the scratchpad in:

Scrivener… Preferences… Appearance… Customizable Colors… Views… Scratchpad Text BG.

However, the title panel remains off-white. I don’t know how to change this and would really like to.

As yet, this is the only part I have managed to configure but have posted a question about floating and configuring in the forum.

All the best!

It is not possible to customize the Scratchpad in the Windows version at this time, apart from change its size.