Scratch Pad Panel system-wide shortcut

In the manual on page 114 it says:

“You may also set up a system-wide shortcut that will make it possible to toggle the visibility of [the scratch pad] panel while in other applications. Scrivener must be running for this to work.”

How do I set up such a system-wide shortcut under OSX Lion?

The full paragraph is:

We may need to clarify that to make it more explicit that the “You may also” refers back to the General preferences tab:

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This already does have a cross-reference:

I’ve made it more specific so that it goes directly to B2.5 though; the scratch pad sub-section.

great, thanks for clarifying. Another awesome scrivener feature that just made my day…!

I just meant that the wording might be clarified, e.g:

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Gotcha, I’ve cleaned this section up a bit. The addenda explaining how the shortcut works was kind of tacked on there anyway, so this now just states where the preferences for both of these things are and the features and uses of the shortcut are explained in the main text above.