Scratch pad randomly pops up without warning...

Hi everyone,

So yesterday, I downloaded the Windows trial of Scrivener to see if it would be worth buying for Christmas this year. I love everything about it, except for one little thing.

Randomly, without warning and without me even having to hit a button, the scratch pad window will just pop up, as though I hit the shortcut, which I didn’t. I can close it just fine and continue working, but it happens every thirty seconds or so, no matter what. I’ve tried searching online for a solution to no avail. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit, and again, it’s the trial version, not the full version. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn’t help.

Does anyone else have this bug? And is there any way I can fix it, maybe by disabling the scratch pad feature? Thanks if you can help!

That is certainly odd, just out of curiosity does it pop up when you are in other programs as well? The hotkey trigger is a system global hotkey, so theoretically if something is triggering that without your input it should happen everywhere, not just while Scrivener is the active window.

Yep, it happens no matter what program I’m in, as long as Scrivener is open in the background.

Okay. Can you think of any macro or scripting programs you run that might be causing this? Stuff like AutoHotKey? Also, have you spilled coffee in your keyboard lately? :laughing: Given the obscurity of the shortcut, maybe it has been short-circuited for a while and you just never knew until you installed something that uses it. I suppose a way to see if it is a hardware issue would be to change the shortcut to something else (Tools/Options... keyboard tab).

I don’t believe I have a short in it, or I’ve spilled coffee on it, haha. I tried changing the hotkeys, but the problem persists. I also checked for any scripts that may be causing it, but it doesn’t seem like I have any that are in use. What I’m thinking is that this is a simple coding bug, maybe an infinite loop of some sort that was created when it was installed on my computer? Although, I only have the vaguest idea of the inner workings of computer code, so that could be completely out there.

I suppose you could try reinstalling it. I’ve never heard of this particular problem, so I’m not aware of any coding issues. Given the nature of how annoying that would be, I’m sure it would have come up by now.