scratch pad request

Love the scratch pad. But with my small screen space (when using my 12" laptop monitor) the new pad is rather too large. Most of it is made up of borders and rather little actual writing space when reduced. The older project notepad (sans neat little arrows and options, I know) had very small borders and I could reduce it to a nice small size and still have plenty of note-taking space.

I wonder if this could be enhanced sometime down the road. In other words, make the border spaces much thinner so that, when reduced in size, there is not such a small window for actual note-taking. I also find I can’t make the scratch pad small enough to not be in the way of the main editing windows in different programs.



I love posts that start, “I love X, but…” :slight_smile: You can make the scratchpad pretty small by dragging the corner resizer. I have tried it on an iBook 12" and it seemed small enough to me. And the borders are mostly the 20-pixel borders that are the HIG standard - anything less would be against the guidelines. Interface Builder - the Apple app for building interfaces - automatically “snaps” views into certain places to meet the HIG. So, ultimately, I think the answer is, “probably not, sorry”. :slight_smile:

I do love having a scratch pad…BUT I also do find the size problematic. :slight_smile: If it won’t change, I understand. Thanks.


I am absolutely baffled at how anyone could even possibly think of thinking of considering saying that the scratch pad could get any smaller. :slight_smile: Really, it is quite beyond me. The borders are the standard 20 pixels. They are there so that the arrows can be used to move the scratchpad to the corners of the screen quickly. Without the borders, that feature is lost.

And you know what really baffles me? Actually, what really drives me nuts? You guys - yes, you, alexwein! - complained that the Project Notepad should be more like the Quick Note feature in MacJournal - and here is proof if proof be need be: … macjournal

So, I took a look at that feature of MacJournal, and I followed your suggestion. Yes, your suggestion! Now, take a look at the Quick Note feature of MacJournal: its borders are the same as - nay, bigger than! - those of Scrivener’s scratch pad. You cannot even shrink it as small as Scrivener’s scratch pad! So, what you are telling me is that you wanted a feature like this one in MacJournal, but even though the panel in MacJournal is bigger than the one in Scrivener, it is small enough for you whereas the one in Scrivener is not?!!? :open_mouth: :unamused:

Bemusedly yours,

The revolution has come! I add my voice to the mob of peasants with pitchforks who think the borders on the scratch pad are waaaay too thick. Frankly if it means living without the arrows, that’s fine: they’re sorta cool but not worth the price in real estate- especially on a powerbook.
Personally I thought the old pad was fine-- except for not supporting Scrivener links of course. :slight_smile:

Right, that is it. The next version of the scratch pad will have 100 pixel borders and I am removing Scrivener links altogether. :slight_smile:


Uneasy is the head that wears a crown…

oops, misquote

Sheepishly — I kinda like it… :frowning:

But I did think of one possible improvement, Kieth: How about coding it — like one of those Windows-send-up dialogs — so that each time you try to click into it, it jumps away from you? Then we could just chase it around for a while. Whenever we get tired of writing, we could take a three-or-so-minute screen jog break, before getting back to our work. That’d be fun. 8)


Sorry. Don’t mean to drive you nuts. It was an accident. Really.

First off, the Quicknote discussion was about having the FUNCTION of a quicknote, not about the form it would take. But even in that regard, the Quicknote feature of MJ is very different in function than the scratchpad. With the Quicknote feature, I invoke it, type in my note, then it goes away never to return and does not follow me around as I work.

The Scratch Pad, which I LOVE by the way :slight_smile:, is designed to follow me around. It floats and stays there whatever I am doing. That’s why I love it! The older version Project Notepad could be reduced to a size that fit into the same dimensions as the inspector width, and could be nicely tucked out of the way while I work in the main editor, with nice small little dinky borders and a roomy note-taking area.

The Scratch Pad when reduced, can’t be made as small, and when it is reduced leaves rather little note-taking area. When made as small as possible to get it out of the way, it’s borders take up most of the space. And since it can’t be made as small, on my iBook, I have to constantly move it out of the way, since it overlaps scrolling bars, etc.

So, you see, I am not being contradictory in requests. The two note-taking applications in the two programs are quite different.

I certainly never meant to get your dander up. I think it’s pretty straightforward, personally, and certainly not worth an upset. You explained why the borders can’t be smaller and I said okay, thanks.

In the meantime, I still LOVE the scratch pad and nothing will make me change my mind, no matter how many ‘buts’ I may have about it. :smiling_imp:

All the best,


Oh, my dander isn’t up - I hope you took my response in the good humour with which it was intended. :slight_smile: And actually, the scratch pad doesn’t have to follow you around. You can close it, and when you want to invoke it, you just have to ctrl-click on the Scrivener icon in the dock and select “Scratch Pad”.

Oh good. I’m glad there was no dander involved. Yes, I did take your post in good humor. I too meant mine in good humor, so all is well.

Having the pad open at all times is what I love about it. I have asked and asked for this simple feature in other programs, like DTPro, which still has no way to float windows. So the Pad is yet another justification for the claim that Scr. rules the world of writing programs! And you have added some very nifty options and features to this simple little working tool I would never have thought of. I use it constantly while I move around and work.

I’ll just have to use the handy little arrows to keep moving it out the way while I work and ignore it’s HUGE borders. Ha! It’s pretty neat how it dashes from corner to corner.


For what it’s worth, I’m loving the scratch pad, borders and all :slight_smile: I’d hate to see the arrows disappear… I’ve already had hours of mindless entertainment zipping about on screen!

Lol, me too. I wasted a good ten minutes after I first coded it just zipping it to random corners of the screen. :slight_smile:

Just really read this. Funny! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And it IS pretty neat how you can call the pad up from the Scr. icon. I will likely use that more now that I know it’s there! Cool.


Feature request: Now that you’ve given us a bat may we please a have a ball? Some falling bricks? or maybe another scratchpad on the other side so we could play Scrivener Pong? :smiley:



I think you are referring to something Margaret already reported–a rather serious and very troubling forum bug that has sucked in many an unsuspecting user. I know you are aware of this problem, because you posted on that thread, and if you reread the posts, I think you’ll see it’s actually an insidious plot enacted by our beloved Scr. developer to make us not finish anything. And I fear that Eiron is one of its greatest perpetuators!! 8)

Not me. I’m just another victim. I’m supposed to be finishing a play by the end of March and what am I doing? Giving Keith grief, bouncing my scratchpad around the screen and dreaming of Scrivener links - and all for public consumption. I’ve got the bug in the worst way. Damn Keith -it’s all his fault.