Scratch Pad window behaviour is bizarre

I’ve just started using Scrivener, and needed to dump some long text into a window where I could cut and paste into different sections of a document. The Scratch Pad seemed ideal but for some reason it stays in front of all windows in the Scrivener app and even other apps. Surely it should just be another window that can be positioned wherever the user desires (eg a bit behind and the to the right of the current window until needed - so it can be seen and selected to the front). Or it could be toggled according to a button on the strip menu.

Presently I have to keep opening and closing it as it gets in the way of all other windows across Mac OS. For example, its partially obscuring this window as I write.

OK, I’ve just discovered ‘Float Window’ which creates the function I want for the Scratch Pad, but now I can’t access other apps as their windows are hidden!