scratch pad

Is there a way to print the contents of the scratch pad? Or to export it somewhere where it would be printable?

Also, I had a couple of questions about navigation that have gone unanswered.

Is there a way to change the “locked in place” color in the navigation bar? I have trouble distinguishing between the two colors and am always forgetting if the document is locked or not.

Also, is there a way to slow down the action of cut and paste? When I paste something into place the screen jumps and I lose track of where I am.

I figured the answer is probably no to both of these, but if you could confirm that it would be great!

No, since it is supposed to be a transient area. You can just copy and paste into something that can print, or use the “Send to project” feature.

No, there’s no way to do this. It’s quite a strong pink, though - how is it that you are having problems distinguishing? Are you colour-blind and is the colour problematic for those with colour-blindness?

No, this is all handled at the OS level so is something that is built-in.

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Keith, there’s an excellent app for that on the iphone, called CVSimulator, which filters colors through the camera and can show you how things look for the most common forms of color blindness. I imagine that would be quite helpful if you were to tweak the colors for various things with color blindness in mind.

There is also an application for the Mac:

I seem to suffer from a form of protanomaly – in my case I can’t tell the difference between green and brown, nor the difference between blue and purple. Under certain conditions I can’t detect the difference between red and green. Stating things rather crudely, I’d say that anything that uses a red tinge is going to cause problems for people who are colour blind. I certainly find it much easier to detect anything that has a blue tinge to it.

An anecdote – I used to be a gliding instructor, and the club where I flew had an old bus that had once belonged to the Royal Navy (and was therefore blue) which was used on the airfield as a kind of resting place and collection point for various bits of gear. Then someone painted the blasted thing red. Result was that from a thousand feet I had no idea where it was, because it blended in perfectly with the grass. While it was blue I could see it from miles away.