Scratch Pad

Realizing this is being done in beta version 18, but had hoped for better results.

Drag text from a text file onto scratch pad works a wonder.

Drag text from an existing chapter in the manuscript onto scratch pad and both Scrivener and Scratch Pad crash and disappear.

Probably best to post this in the beta test forum:

Topic moved. – Katherine

Hi FPSHed2,

I was not able to replicate this. Was there anything different about the text you were trying to drag?

Could you be specific in what causes this to occur for you?

Thank you!

Also could not duplicate this. Some special condition, maybe? Was the text imported from 1.9.x?

Good morning,

Since you asked, I can replicate in my fiction theme manuscript. I cannot replicate using the interactive tutorial.

In both I have a document open in Scrivener and the scratchpad open highlighted a portion of text and drag to the scratchpad with both the fiction manuscript andthe Interactive Tutorial open if I drag from the Interactive Tutorial it copies the text into the scratchpad if I highlight text in the fiction theme manuscript and drag to the scratchpad both Scrivener projects and the scratchpad disappear from the screen.

I’ve also tried having just one project open and Interactive Tutorial works perfectly fine but when I close it and open my manuscript and attempt the above it will crash both the scrivener project in the scratchpad.

Hopefully that is clear enough and specific enough. It would seem there is something wrong, corrupted within my manuscript project. Is there some way to reconstitute a scrivener project?

That helped. I duplicated it, and it’s a little strange.
I opened a project AND the Tutorial (this might be a problem in the Tutorial). Dragged text from project to Scratch pad, nothing. 2x more, still nothing.
Dragged text from Tutorial to Scratch pad, crash.

Minidump file, 298k.

Tried again. Copied from Tutorial to Scratch pad, one other project open (VERY short project, a test to check on screenplay formatting).

Crash. Minidump file, 163k.

What I’m dragging is

There are several different styles in there, and dragging multiple styles may be the issue.

I checked this hypothesis with another document having several styles in the text (NOT a production document), and dragging a selection containing multiple styles caused the whole mess to crash.

Created a new blank document with two unformatted short lines.
Dragged both lines to Scratch pad. No issues.
Restyle one line to “Attribution.”
Select both lines, drag n drop.