Scratchpad and Lion automatic quiting

Since OS X Lion, when we close all windows of Scrivener this quits the app. That is very unpractical, because then we cannot use the Scratchpad anymore. Each time, we have to either hide Scrivener or minimize it to the dock. It would be great to have the option of having the old behaviour back (only quit Scrivener if you press cmd+Q), or, make the Scratchpad an app that runs independently, so you don’t need to have Scrivener running to use it.


This isn’t the case - Scrivener doesn’t automatically quit at all when you close all windows. Nothing at all has changed in this regard. It is possible to have Scrivener open with no windows open at all. So I’m not sure what to say here. Are you seeing any crash reports? Does Scrivener actually disappear from your Dock?

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Umm, that’s interesting. For me (OS X 10.8.2), it does quit Scrivener when all windows are closed, every time, no crash reports, normal behaviour: when I close all windows, Scrivener disappears from the dock, like the “Preview” app, since Lion.

This was getting on my nerves because of the Scratchpad (which is cumbersome to use then), so I turned OS X’s automatic quitting of apps off – one can do that using a Terminal command or an app like “TinkerTool”. Maybe you too have had deactivated OS X’s automatic quitting feature so Scrivener doesn’t quit if all windows are closed? Have you checked that?

Anyway, since I stopped OS X from its automatic quitting behaviour, I can use Scrivener like before, but it would be good for other users to have either the option that Scrivener doesn’t quit automatically, or make the Scratchpad not dependable from Scrivener being open.

The scratch pad can’t work without Scrivener being open because it’s part of Scrivener - it would have to be an entirely separate app to work without Scrivener. But yes, I’m sure I haven’t turned anything off - I use Scrivener on several machines and none of them have the behaviour you describe (nor do other apps) which is strange. Are you sure it’s not something you turned on somewhere that is normally off?

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Actually it’s a pretty well documented behaviour – try google “lion automatic app termination”… or here:

This “feature” came over from iOS with the introduction of OS X 10.7 – and Scrivener is one of those apps that get terminated when all windows are closed. At least on my system it is (open Scrivener, open a project, close the project/any windows, click on desktop, and then Scrivener quits). Automatic termination can be disabled with a Terminal command and also with TinkerTool (which I did).

I am just saying that it is awkward if one doesn’t know about the Terminal command or TinkerTool, then Scrivener always quits, so it is hard to use the Scratchpad for anything.

Ah, okay, I do know about that feature but I’ve never seen it actually work. I often leave apps open with no windows and they don’t close - as that article says, it’s a little undetermined when things get closed. I was under the impression, from Apple documentation at the time this was introduced, that apps only got closed when too many resources are being used and the system wants to reclaim some. I could turn this behaviour off entirely (but not as a user option), but that wouldn’t be being a “good Mac citizen”. Do you have your Scriv preferences set up so that the project templates chooser isn’t shown when projects are closed? If that is open, then Scrivener shouldn’t quit. Or, you could just leave a project window open to avoid this Lion behaviour.