Scratchpad and Spaces

The Scratchpad doesn’t move around beyond the Space in which it was activated. And you can’t drag it because it doesn’t show up in the Spaces view.

This is a problem – I use Spaces a lot with my titchy MacBook, and I can’t currently dump notes on the scratchpad if I’m in an app in another Space. Currently I am using Edgies, but that means I lose all the Destination… services in the scratchpad.

It’s not only Scratchpad that has problems. A number of apps that use floating windows also seem to have difficulty. But a fix some time would be nice.

(Yes, yes, I’m going there now :slight_smile:)


This has been brought up before - I believe it’s due to be fixed in a (near) future version of Scrivener :slight_smile:

Here in lies your answer

[code]For example, you can choose to have an application, and all its windows, appear in all workspaces[/code]

Actually this was fixed in 1.11, so it should be fine. If the scratch pad is set to “Float”, then it will appear in all spaces - you don’t need to move it, it will just be there when you go to another space. If it’s not set to float, it will remain in the original space.