Scratchpad [Beta 34]


I was just testing the Scratchpad functionality and found some glitches.

Note I am using a two-screen set-up, Windows 10 Home version 1903 all patched.

There are issues were with the screenshot function. Here are some of the issues:
1, Sometimes the screenshot camera icon is disabled and offers no functionality. Closing and reopening scratchpad may fix this.
2. When it is functional, if you select “Grab an area with Mouse” that works fine (please note with dual-screen set-up to grab an area on any particular screen, move the “Print Screen or Selection” dialog box to that screen then press the “Grab an Area with Mouse” or “Print Current Screen” button - it would be cool if the green selection grid was placed over both screens…), you select your screenshot, BUT when you press “Save and Close”, Scrivener usually crashes.
3. Using the “Print Current Screen” function, It took me some time to understand the relevance of the number of seconds to wait option at the bottom. It would be better to default this to 2 seconds as the uninitiated may start clicking trying to find the minimised dialog within 5 seconds. (It hides then reappears after 5 seconds). Again in a dual-screen set-up to grab an screenshot of screen 2 , move the “Print Screen or Selection” dialog box to that screen .
4. Keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+0 only works for “0” above O and P not “0” on the numerical keypad. Please add.

Hope that helps. Thanks.

Yep, thanks for this. Exactly my experience, but I could not reproduce it reliably enough to report.

Rgds - Jerome

Just a note to say that I just used Scratchpad for the first time in a long time – current Scrivener and MACOS Catalina – and almost immediately had the first Scrivener crash that I have had in awhile. Going back to using MacOS notes instead…

  1. In Scrivener 3 you can have plain text documents as well as rich text based documents in Scratchpad, the Camera icon should not be visible if you have a plain text document selected. Maybe check that is what is happening for you first.

  2. Have two screens at same time selectable is not currently possible; however, dragging the Screen Capture dialog to whichever screen you want to capture is possible, just not both at same time. Given all the crazy Windows scaling and resolution issues we have had with different screens mixing HDPI and other types this could be looked into later.

If you can find reproducible steps for crashing Scratchpad that would be great as I’ve been unable to.

  1. We’ve changed default time delay to 2 seconds, it will be in next release.

  2. You can record and assign your own shortcut for this in Options > Keyboard > Toggle Scratchpad. Just record the keystrokes - what you want is: Ctrl+Shift+Num+Ins, instead Ctrl+Shift+0.

More information would be helpful if you can. I have the same issue in reverse, I can still crash Mac OS Scrivener frequently using its Scratchpad , but despite sending Keith the full directory of scratchpad files and crash dump files Keith can’t reproduce this at all. So, if you can do this reliably I’d be keen to understand the exact repeatable steps where this is happening for you on Windows.

Hi - Still getting an occasional crash on Scratch Pad in Beta 38, just not reliably enough to reproduce.

However, there is a way to reproduce the camera icon lockout that disables the Scratch Pad’s imaging routines. Just delete an existing Scratch Pad document via the +/- control, and confirm the deletion. Camera control will then be disabled as you navigate among and edit the remaining docs.

Rgds - Jerome