Scratchpad can't undo

Not sure if this counts as a bug or as a wishlist feature, but I was searching for a word in a different program, did command+a and typed two letters before I realized I’d accidentally deleted the entirety of my scratch pad.
Undo did not work, though I have had it undo other typed material before.
The reason this matters, of course, is that it cost me quite a bit of writing and I’d hate to have that happen again.

This is a known limitation at the moment, we have it on the list to look at though. The problem is that the scratch pad is a two-way deal. Your window is one way of editing the scratch pad contents, but another way is directly off the disk. Each pad is stored as a separate file, and these files can be loaded and edited easily—you can even sync your scratch pad folder so that all of your computers are sharing the same notes. Consequently the scratch pad checks for changed files aggressively, and whenever it does that, it has to reset to editor and undo gets wiped.