Scratchpad crashing Scrivener 3.0.2

Experiencing this on a daily basis now. Have reinstalled Scrivener but the problem has persisted. Hoping someone else has encountered it and knows how to fix it.
The crash happens 10 or so minutes into writing on scratchpad, or moving the scratchpad window. I have three files in the scratchpad currently, and the window usually has a lot of text on it when it crashes. I don’t lose any of the text that I’m working on.
The crash has happened with the scratchpad window floating above Scrivener, or floating above other apps on separate desktops.
Any ideas?

It could be one of the files has a problem in it. I would go into the scratch pad folder on the disk and drag all three files out somewhere else temporarily. Drag the one you need right now in, work with it, and if it is stable, move on to the next whenever you need it. Once instability returns, it’s likely the last file you added is the culprit.