Scratchpad crashing Scrivener regularly


My use of the Scratchpad is crashing Scrivener on a regular basis. I have submitted the report every time it has crashed. I hope it can be fixed. I appreciate it.

-Kasey Shah-


We are currently working with a user who emailed us directly about the same problem, but unfortunately we have so far been unable to reproduce it. Could you please check to see if there is a particular sequence of steps that triggers the crash every time, and post them here if so?

Thanks and all the best,

I would also advise making sure there aren’t any issues with the content you current have in the scratch pad:

  1. Navigate to the scratch pad folder in Finder (if you are unsure of where that is, you can look it up in the General: Scratch Pad preference pane.
  2. Create a temporary folder alongside the original.
  3. Drag all of your scratch pad notes into the temporary folder.

The scratch pad in Scrivener will now be empty (it will add an untitled note the first time you open it). So from now on, when you need a note, drag it from the temporary folder back into the main scratch pad folder and work on it. If stability immediately improves, then continue working that way, gradually adding them back as you need them, and keep an eye out for instability. If it starts crashing a lot, you can be pretty sure it is one of the files you dragged back in recently, and can work backward from there.

If you find a culprit, that file would be something useful for us to take a look at.

It has gotten better lately. Hasn’t crashed in a week. I will note down the steps and see if I can reproduce this issue. I will also follow your steps to clean up Scratchpad notes and start over. thanks

With the help of someone who has been sending us crash logs and testing various things, we think we might have a good idea of what is going wrong. Given the nature of the problem, it could be related to timing errors, which might explain why it sometimes works fine and other times crashes constantly—and why some people might never see it. At any rate, the next maintenance update, due very soon now, will hopefully fix this problem once and for all.

  1. Scriv. crashes when I’m using Scratch Pad. It happens FREQUENTLY and is very, very annoying, as I use the Scratch Pad a lot. I don’t know what triggers the crash. It happens when I’m in the act of typing a note into the Scratch Pad. There is not particular key stroke combination that triggers it that I can discern. I’m not using special characters or Rich Text. At the time of the crash, Scriv. is running in the background, I’m looking at a window in another application (e.g., Chrome or Preview), and Scratch Pad is on top.

  2. I have only one note in the ScratchPad. I’ve tried deleting the Scratch Pad folder file (via Scriv. Preferences) and starting afresh. This hasn’t helped.

A potential trigger a few users have reported is that turning off certain software’s global shortcuts can help. In particularly we’ve had reports for Slack and Evernote (I think there was one other as well). Interestingly they were all cases where non-Mac native software had assigned a global shortcut that works from anywhere on the system. The reports suggested that closing these programs or disabling their global shortcuts helped.

While that helped some people, it unfortunately hasn’t served as a way of making the problem obvious for others. I tried running Slack in the background for a week, while I used the Scratch Pad for almost everything (copying and pasting to and from the projects I used), and never once saw a crash. So it may be a program like that is only part of the whole trigger—enough so that removing it from the equation causes the bug to stop, but not enough by itself to fully recreate the bug on another machine.

I, too, experience this consistent and frequent crashing while using Scratchpad. I have iTunes running in the background. The only timer I have running is Be Focused, which never caused a problem with Scrivener. I must admit that I’ve only just begun using Scratchpad. The crashing is so frequent that I cannot use Scratchpad at all—a travesty, because I have lots of notes to make to myself.