Scratchpad functionality

I am just now starting to use the Scratchpad and am finding it helpful to track down essentially any given number of To Dos for a project. Forgive me if this is already part of the functionality, but I wish there was a way to choose to have the Scratchpad NOT always on top. With valuable screen space taken up, I end up closing it after each use and then forgetting to use it. It would be much more useful if it could just disappear behind other windows like most other windows behave.

If this is difficult to make happen, given that it is a Mac Service, it would help to at least have the yellow Minimize button active. That way I could at least shrink it to the dock when not in use.

If someone else has a suggestion for having a functioning To Do list to use within Scrivener, I’d love to hear it.


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Are you aware of the keyboard command and other means of access? From section 9.4, Scratchpad Panel, of the Scrivener Manual (available in the Help menu and elsewhere):

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