Scratchpad lay-out, size

Is it possible to “save” the size of the Scratchpad after a user alters it? How about the panel lay-out within the Scratchpad? That would be a neat feature, since it is unusual for someone (at least, for me) to need so much room for the Scratchpad file name(s). THANKS!

(Discovered something 8) by accident: it appears that if you use the Options/General Scratchpad location designator and choose a folder with RTFs, it automatically picks those up and displays them.)

The size and location should already be saved, and we have saving the split dimensions on the list to implement.

Scratch Pad operates on the entirety of the assigned folder by design, so you can for instance hook this up with Dropbox and create “scratch pad” notes from another computer by just creating and saving an RTF to the location; that allows you to share Scratch Pad notes between Scrivener installations on separate computers as well.

Waaiit a minute … split dimensions? I know there are a lot of scifi writers here, but…

Back to the current dimension :slight_smile: , I wanted to note that by default Scratchpad seems to save its files to C:\Users{USERNAME}, where {USERNAME} is the user to whom Scrivener is assigned on the computer. This is a seldom-visited location on most Windows computers, I think. I changed it (in Tools > Options > General) to C:\Users{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener, which is where Scrivener stores other program data. I wonder if that wouldn’t be a better location for the default.

I switched it to store Scratchpad in my Dropbox folder and, so far, so good! :slight_smile:
One of my Scratchpad files is a “quickkey” listing of the shortcuts using ctrl, alt, shift, fkeys, etc.

Nice idea, John. I have really hardly used Scratchpad at all, and I’m beginning to see some possibilities. I love programs like Scrivener that have so much to offer that you can always find new aspects of them.