Scratchpad - list of documents - customize colors

Hi there, I love to use the scratchpad. I do not find, however, a way to customize the color of the background of the documents list in the panel above. At the moment it is black background, black font of the list - which means I cannot read which documents I have in my scratchpad. Any help?! Thank you! Susanne

Preferences > Appearance > Customisable Colours

Click Views and you have an option to change the Scratchpad background colour.

Does that work for you?

That changes only the color of the notes panel itself, the lower section. OP’s problem is the upper document list. I was unable intentionally to change the color of the document list.

The only next step I can think of is the old stand-by: Restart.


Hi, I am sorry I abandoned this thread, I had so much work and then forgot about it. The second posting is right - the colour of the above part cannot be changed. Also not by restart. I have a black list and a black background… I think this should definitely be changed in the future!