Scratchpad location on icloud barely supported

I changed the location of my scratchpad into my icloud drive. So when you open scratchpad, create a note, first, Scrivener crashes randomly. Second, if you go to the folder location, and click “Remove Download”, essentially simulating the icloud drive behaviour when you set the icloud storage to “optimize mac storage” which leaves the filesystem entry but the content gets removed until you access the file, then the entry of the note disappears from the notes list in scratchpad. The file is still there but the content is removed as icloud behaves. So, scratchpad needs refactoring to support icloud storage. I think there is a lot to be refactored in Scrivener. But Icloud storage is so standard nowadays, i mean its seamless and a lot of people with smaller disks use “optimize mac storage” to essentially outsource files they use not daily.

Suspect this is a problem similar to Dropbox making their default of “online only”. Although there the “failure” is a little more graceful.

That said when I create a Scratchpad folder on my iCloud drive (and place a text file in there) Scrivener does not crash on me.

macOS Monterey 12.6
Scrivener 3.2.3 (14869)

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