Scratchpad New Note Keyboard Shortcut?

Dear Fellow Scriveners,

I have not been able to find or make a keyboard shortcut to use with the Scratchpad to make a New Note. I find that having to click on the + button with the trackpad to be distracting when I need to keep a fleeting thought alive long enough to write it down. Has anyone found a way to do this?

Also, similarly, is there a good keyboard shortcut for Edit->Transformations->Make Lowercase?

Thank you!

Personally, I find it much more convenient to use nvALT for quick capture. It’s free:

You just set it to save to the same folder as the scratchpad uses, and set it to use plain text files, Then you can access the files from either nvALT or Scrivener.

When you have the scratchpad window up, if the list is highlighted, then just pressing enter will create a new note. If it’s not highlighted, then Ctl-tab till it is. (This works in any Scrivener list control, as far as I can tell — try it with labels etc)

This may need you to have the Preferences > Behaviours > Return Key > Creates new item in list (etc) ticked.

You can add a shortcut to any menu item the same way you do in any Mac program, with System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

(Sorry, just rushing out — ask if that’s not clear… HTH!)

Thank you both for the suggestions.

MBBNTU–re: nvALT, I like keeping all of my notes for a Scriv project within the Scriv ecosystem.

BROOKTER–I’ve tried checking the Return Key–>New Item in List behavior, and along with Crtl-Tab that seems the best way to move from a note title to the note itself without having to use the mouse.


Oops, I thought I had documented the keyboard method, but it looks like I haven’t! As noted, Ctrl-Tab and Return are how you can effectively move around and create notes within the Scratch Pad pane.

And yes, you do need the option set to allow Return to create new items in general.

Thank you, Amber! ~glj.