Scratchpad Operation Qs

  1. Please advise whether possible and how to bring the body of a Scratchpad note into a Scrivener project as a note’s Synopsis.

  2. Page 13 of Scrivener Manual states: “You can now store multiple scratchpads, and these files
    will be saved right on your disk in Documents.” Please advise how to set up and store multiple scratchpads.

  3. Page 85 of manual states: “The top pane contains a list of all the note pads you currently have stored in the scratchpad.” Should this read notes instead of note pads?


Copy and paste. :slight_smile:

It just means multiple documents in the scratchpad window. Click the “+” button in the scratchpad window to add a new note.

Probably. It does seem that there is a mismatch of terminology there - IOA! :smiley:

OK, then request consideration of a “note title w/synopsis” option for Scratchpad (ala OPML import) somewhere down the road. Thanks.

BTW, is anything happening with OPML export?

I’ve fixed both of these to be less self-referential and recursive. :slight_smile: