Scratchpad preferences (e.g. font size)

Very few preferences are available for the Scratchpad (only background color I guess)… Would be nice to be able to change font (and its size) somewhere…

Do I miss something?
If not, just my 5ct for a next version

You’ve probably got the Scratchpad to be in plain text, which I think it may be by default. You can set it to use RTF documents though (only for new ones of course, it won’t convert old ones) and then you’ll be able to use the Ruler and Format Bar (cmd-r) just as you would in the main editor. Note these are the standard OS Text format tools, not the enhanced Scrivener ones, I think, so no Scrivener Styles.

In V3 you make the preference change via Preferences > General > Scratchpad > Default Formatting. There’s a similar setting in V2 but I can’t remember where offhand, sorry.


Many thanks, you are great & very helpful, much appreciated.

Actually I was already in RTF (+attachments) but missed the keyboard shortcut CMD+R in this context…
Then you also have to use CMD+T to get the font window and change fonts… No SCR styles of course…

BUT… You need to do this for every new doc… Can’t set a defaut font for all new ones… oI miss something? Like for exemple changing the default MAC STYLE (ustyles in this ruler/bar), but cant find this…

Thanks again for helping! :slight_smile:

Found it!

The scratchpad default font is the same as the default Notes font – so it’s governed by

Preferences > Editing > Formatting > Notes font:

Change it there and new scratchpad documents use the Notes font. (I’ve just tested it and it works.)