Scratchpad Query

I’ve only recently discovered Scratchpad and I think it’s a brilliant tool but it seems that I can only access 2 notes at a time. If I add a 3rd note, my previous one disappears. If I then delete the 3rd note, the previous one reappears.

Am I missing something very obvious?

I’ve never had that problem myself. It might be worth experimenting by defining a different folder for the scratchpad and seeing if that does anything. I used to use a folder on Dropbox so I could edit the files in it using a text editor on my phone. And I could also edit and put files into the scratchpad without launching Scrivener on my Mac. Very useful for catching quick jottings.

It’s ok, I’m an idiot. I just expanded the top section and all the notes were there.

I blame lack of sleep and a bad mood due to Amazon pissing me off!