ScratchPad Strange Behavior

I’m evaluating Scrivener, and while playing with its many features, I discovered that my Scratchpad in loaded with over one hundred files from a particular folder on my hard drive! Many of these are personal files, so I was surprised to see them randomly appear in Scrivener.

Perhaps I’ve done something myself to cause this, but:

  1. How might this have happened?

  2. What happens if I delete each of these? (I’m especially concerned because Scrivener gives me this message when I attempt to delete them: “Deleting the selected scratch pad notes will remove them from disk and cannot be undone. Continue?”

Can someone help me figure out what’s going on here?


If you go to the General Tab of the Preferences you’ll see a box which indicates where the Scratchpad files are located. This location can be anywhere on your computer and even in Dropbox. Maybe this has been accidentally set to on one of your Documents folder? If so, you can click the Choose box and make another choice.

It sounds like that is what happened. Scratch Pad will read any compatible text files from the folder you choose, since that is all it uses for its storage format. It’s designed to work with .txt, .rtf and .rtfd as well as custom text extensions too (mostly for those that use Markdown text). The idea is that you can share/sync your scratch pad folder and add or edit notes from it using a mobile device or other computers. So when it is pointed at a folder with a bunch of general files in it, it will pick those up too.

Thanks, what you suggested is exactly what must have happened. When I changed this setting to a folder I created call “Scratch Pad” my scratch pad became empty of all entries. Not sure how it got set to the other folder, but it likely happened while I was playing around with settings. Since I’m still learning my way around Scrivener, it’s nice to have the support of other, more advanced, users.