Scratchpad Switch Pad Shortcut

Hello All

I’m sure this is going to sound ridiculously lazy but I’ve been really curious about it for a while.

I love the scratchpad feature and I use it all the time for noting stuff online. I’m on a Mac so the shortcut to bring it up for me is Shift+Command+Enter. This works fine and I am happy with it. However as I tend to be more of a keyboard guy and sometimes just want to bring the scratchpad up and be able to switch between different notepads or notes I guess you would say with a simple shortcut also, then be able to actually make enter a quick bit of information on that note and close scratchpad or switch to another note entirely.

I know it is only a fraction of a second to reach over to the mouse and click on the note I want to add information to but I’m inherently lazy so if there is already a shortcut that I am unaware of or a way I could create one to switch between actual notes while notepad is up that would be great.

Thanks so much!



Just hit Ctrl-Tab to switch between the text and the list of notes. Then hit return to create a new note when the list of notes has the focus.

Hope that helps.

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Wow I feel dumb, thanks a ton that is exactly what I was looking for!