I’ve been using the Scrivener trial for a while but have just tried using the scratchpad as a means of having some of my notes constantly available while working in full-screen mode. I have a couple of queries: first, can I change the name of a note from that allocated by Scrivener? I can’t see how to do this and clearly it would be useful if I could give notes a descriptive title. Second, where are these notes stored? The manual says they will be in the Documents folder presumably under my user name in Documents & Settings but no scratchpad folder is there or in the project folder which I keep on a USB drive.

Many thanks for any advice.

Hi Rick,

just click anywhere on the title and Press “F2”, and you’re in editing mode …

Look under Tools -> Options, the General tab. The item just above Language is “Scratch Pad Notes Location.”

Double click on the file name in the scratchpad listing to change the name.

Excellent! Many thanks for the advice.