Screen changed

I’ve been using Scrivener for a short time without any issues. I decided to get a little more into the program and somehow reset something. Suddenly my screen has three dotted lines across it.(Header/Footer??)

Anyone having that problem? It’s driving me crazy. What did I change, and how do I get it back to normal?


Dotted or dashed lines?

If they are dashed lines, I’m wondering if you have a folder (containing one or more sub-items) selected in the binder and are seeing a scrivenings composite view of the folder and sub-items texts (possibly empty) strung together, separated by dashed horizontal lines.

That is generally desirable, but can be toggled off by clicking the scrivenings button in the main toolbar at top (button showing three sheets of paper atop each other) or using the menu to click View > Scrivenings so that the button’s background color is white (clicking it again will turn composite view on again and change the button’s background color to yellow again).

Basic idea is that if you click on a single text item in the binder, you’ll see only the contents of that item… whereas if you click on the folder containing the item, you’ll see the contents of all the items in the folder strung together similar to how it will appear in the final output (with horizontal dashed lines indicating where the individual item contents start and end).

Hope that is some help.

Genius! It worked. Thanks…I owe ya a large espresso. You saved me a long night.

You should start working through the Interactive Tutorial (found under Help). You don’t have to do the whole thing at once, so just doing a small section a day will show you features like this (covered in Part 2 of the tutorial), so that you at least know what you’re looking at when your editor view changes, or your Inspector or Binder modes change, for that matter.

Those were great, I agree. Sometimes things don’t stick until you’re at that particular issue. It’s a terrific program with a lot to absorb. Nice to know someone who worked through it is willing to help. Helpful forum here, thanks!