Screen Layout tied to Machine

I use Scrivener on a macOS Laptop and a Windows Desktop PC. Both projects sync to OneDrive, and it’s been working great! I love that the file format is the same for both and the project can be used interchangeably.
One area where that use case lacks is the screen layout. Every time I switch from one computer to the other, the binder width, and the note sections sizes reset. This is probably true if using multiple machines (with different screen sizes) within the Windows or macOS environments, but I haven’t tested it.
It would be great if the layout definition when stored was tied to a machine name (MAC/IP address or some other unique identifier (GUID)).
I understand it’s a very minor problem, with a small user base, but it would fix a very annoying problem for some of us.

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Yep. It’s a bit annoying. I don’t know what other functionalities might be negatively affected when “syncing” just some of those settings (e.g. in case of the same screen size), but it would be nice to opt out at least.