Screen recording and much more

This one is incredible:

With some adjustments it could become a very powerful timeliner app

That is truly BRILLIANT. I’m messing around with it now but I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy it. I just need to see how it handles compressing files. The screencast I did for Scrivener took days, moving between iShowU, iMovie and QuickTime, so I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for this.

I have to say, if you’ll forgive me, that it looks like “the Scrivener of screencasting”. I have no use for it whatsoever, but it’s apps like this that make me proud to be a Mac user :smiley:

Man that is nice. I used SNapzPro for many things but this one seems alot more “functional” and has that “leopard feel”

Thanks for this nice “Golden Nugget”

I wonder if and how this will influence the development of Screenflow: