Screen resolution & font size

Can screen resolution (mines is 1366X768) effect how fonts look in Scrivener? I have compared MS Word and Scrivener looking at the both programs main editor in zoom 100% with Times New Roman Font size 12. Scriveners for some reason look a lot smaller (like it might be 8 or something). I have compiled a word doc of the program and it comes out correct size (but from what I understand of Compile it autoformates anyways). I do have TNR size 12 as auto font for both programs. Is this a common thing for the editor font to look smaller than it actually is? Should I just have it at a higher zoom for now?

Also, in the new beta is there a new shortcut for delete? I have tried CTRL+DEL but it does not work and I had to manually move an item to the trash.

I just noticed the post with the updates to 026 beta. Wish I had read that first, Shft+Del is now del.

The font looks smaller in Scrivener at 100% zoom because in Word and other applications they’ve just set a different zoom setting as their 100%. There were more technical aspects that were discussed but I don’t remember them off the top of my head. To get the same size appearance in Scrivener, adjust your zoom to 135%.

Thanks for the reply. I will do that.