Screen Resolution?

Hi everyone,

I was digging around today and just discovered the Scrivener for Windows/Linux project. I’ve never used Scrivener since I don’t have a Mac but I’ve been curious about it for sometime (I do most of writing in Office suites and I’ve been trying out Celtx the last few months). I installed the Beta 1.5 deb on my netbook (where I do all my writing) that is running Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick. Everything installed from what I can tell. However, the netbook’s native resolution is 1024x600 and Scrivener doesn’t appear to have a scrollbar making it quite difficult having to click and back forth between the top and bottom of the screen. When I switch the netbook’s display to 1024x768 Scrivener is full displayed but squished and looks terrible. Is there any work around anyone here can suggest?



Sorry, I probably should have done a forum search before posting my question. If you go into view -> layout -> hide inspector then Scrivener snaps back into place at 1024x600 resolution. As some of the other threads have said Macs generally never have a resolution lower than 1024x768. I, for one, did not know that.

Yeah, I think there was a feature request to modify Scrivener to be more netbook-friendly (those usually have the x600 resolutions) and that may have been put on the to-do list.

For me the only netbook display issue is that I can’t see the bottom. (hide inspector doesn’t do anything to fix that) Resizing only works on the sides so that doesn’t help. Currently I work around it by using the spilt screen horizontal then dragging so it looks like I only have one document, no multi-workspace typing for me yet. Then if I need to access something that got lost down at the bottom I just alt drag.

I have this same problem, too. I have an eeePC with a 7" screen, but when I run Scrivener, there’s no way for me to resize the boxes since they go beyond the scope of the screen. I’ve been doing the alt+left-click method, but it can get tedious over time because you can’t see all of the content in the boxes.

Does this method make the program conform to the current screen size?

When hiding the Inspector, one can resize the window both horizontally and vertically.

I have the same issue, on a notebook with maxim resolution 1280x800px.